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Sketching in Ljubljana with Ian Fennelly

This is all on location, watercolor, Tombow dual markers and a Carbon Ink pen- fineliners would also do the trick!

A look down the castle hill
The famous dragon bridge
The constant drizzle blurred my lines looking to the Franciscan monastery over one part of the three part bridge
Shelter from the rain under arches.
Too much rain made me find a nice and warm cafe to draw

Sketching snow

I spent our skiing holiday sketching snow. Well, somehow an obvious thing to do, I know. I just love snow so much that I had a lot of respect drawing it. Shari Blaukopf is an amazing artist who is an absolute master in drawing snow. So I learnt from the best by looking at her drawings, but also by taking her class on landscape sketching in watercolor on Craftsy.

Here you can see this week’s attempts:

This is the view out of our holiday apartment. The drawing is a bit inspired by Ian Fennelly’s work and I gave it to our lovely landlady. I normally do not gave away drawings, but thought, I might step out of my comfort zone.

I used my lunchbreaks in cabins to draw, looking at the amazing mountain panorama around the Sella Ronda in Alto Adige:

Watercolors can be incredibly bright. I always thought they would be dull and not lively at all, but had to think again. The rock turned out a bit too dark, I think.
Having a very nice lunch with this view was amazing. And I am surprised how many strangers approach me with praise for my drawings recently. I like how the snow turned out on this. Also the sky is fine- a real brush and not only a brush pen makes a big difference.

These are our traces after ski touring on mount Sief. The sky shows that a bit of storm was coming and the little cabins made the whole scene wonderful to look at.
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